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The Law Firm of Amanda Sampaio, P.A. (doing business as Sampaio Legal) is a boutique law firm serving the needs of the greater Central Florida community.

Amanda is Board Certified in Criminal Trial law, which makes her a step above most other attorneys. She represents people accused of crimes, those trying to seal or expunge a criminal record, and folks going through a divorce or child custody/support issues.

Amanda works tirelessly for her clients and truly cares about the people she represents. Everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance.

We also offer flexible payment plans based upon need.

If you need an attorney who actually cares about your case, call or message us today.

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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense
Being arrested, charged, or prosecuted can be daunting but there are several ways to defend against accusations.
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Family Law
Divorce or child custody disputes can be expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. We can assist in your time of need.
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An experienced Seal / Expungement Attorney can help seal or expunge your case as quickly as possible.
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