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Going through a divorce or child custody dispute can be expensive, time consuming, and emotionally draining. Attorney Sampaio can assist you in your time of need. We strive to provide timely and efficient results to our clients. You will speak directly with the attorney for most issues and we will keep you informed of your case’s progress in a timely manner. Many people ask, “how long will it take”? Well the answer of course is that “it depends”. Each case is different and some cases can be contentious while others resolve with relative ease. Many cases do resolve in mediation, however in some cases it is necessary to have a trial. At trial a judge will decide the outcome of the case.

Call an attorney who will work hard on your case and will keep you fully informed throughout the process. We do charge $100 for most in-office family law consultations, however the fee will be waived should you choose to retain our firm. We do this because like your time is valuable, our time is too!

Arrested? Now What?

You have important rights that you need to protect as soon as possible. You are entitled to see a Judge within 24 hours and having an attorney present can make a big difference. An attorney can challenge the probable cause for your arrest, can ask to set or lower bond, and can advocate on your behalf. In domestic violence cases an attorney can speak to the alleged victim to determine if they want to have contact with the person arrested. Also, as soon as you are arrested, the clock starts ticking for whats called “speedy trial”. For misdemeanor cases, speedy trial is 90 days and for felony cases it is 175 days.

Know Your Rights!

You have the right to remain silent
You have a right to have an attorney present during police questioning
You are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt
You have the right to a speedy trial and to confront your accusers at trial
Getting out of Jail
When a person is arrested, they will be taken to the county jail. In most cases the person can be bailed out of jail. (See Bond/Bail) There are some offenses that a person can not be bonded out on right away. In that case you may need an attorney to represent you at First Appearance.

Initial Appearance (IA)
First Appearance is the term used to describe your initial appearance in front of a judge. Everyone arrested is entitled to see a judge within 24 hours of the arrest. An attorney can challenge probable cause for the arrest at this hearing. If no probable cause is found, the inmate should be released without having to bond out.

Find out when someone will go to IA: First Appearance List

Watch IA court live here: Orange County live broadcast of IA/First Appearance

Contacting Someone in Jail

There is no in-person visitation in Orange County. All visitation is from the video visitation center and must be scheduled at least one day in advance. Visitation at Orange County Jail is subject to recording! Orange County Visitation

Phone Calls
Warning: ALL JAIL CALLS ARE RECORDED! Do not discuss the facts of the case over the phone and do not try to speak in code. All calls are recorded and the State can and will use these calls as evidence against the accused! Attorneys can visit their clients in the jail in confidence.

Why choose us?

We have over 8 years of experience in criminal defense. We know what it takes to defend a criminal case. Sometimes the accused is actually innocent and deserves a full and fair trial. Other cases are better handled by way of thoughtful and prepared plea negotiations. There may be some evidence against an accused but there may not be enough for a jury to convict. There are also motions that can be filed prior to trial that can be used to weaken the State’s case such as a motion to suppress evidence, a motion in limine limiting what evidence the jury sees, a motion to dismiss, or a stand your ground motion.

We also have in-house investigators working on your case which can be crucial to a wining defense.

Take it to Trial!

The Prosecutors know which attorneys go to trial and which attorneys are there to plea their clients out and go home. I have taken many cases to trial over the years. If my client wants a trial, I give them the best trial I can and I always go for the win. Even if my client did something wrong, it is usually not as bad as what the State is accusing them of. The burden of proof is on the State and if they don’t have the proof, there should be no conviction.

Diversion Programs

Drug Court
Is an alternative to jail and regular probation. In some cases we can make arrangements so that the charges are dropped upon successful completion of the drug court program. Drug court is not easy and it is meant for people who have a substance abuse problem and really want to change their lives. It is a really great program for those who are dedicated to that end. To qualify for the program you must be charged with a felony that is related to drugs. Any crime involving the sale of drugs will


Alimony, also known as spousal support is awarded in certain dissolution of marriage (divorce) cases.

Contempt and Enforcement

If you get behind on child support or alimony payments, you may be facing a motion for contempt.


The law says that the minor child should have frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parent’s…


In Florida divorce is called “dissolution of marriage” and it is the process by which the marriage is dissolved and assets…


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